Thursday, 16 October 2008

iCreate launches the iViewer for 3D Realtime Projects

iCreate is pioneering a new technology called the iViewer, that delivers interactive virtual worlds for property marketing environments. The iViewer is set to revolutionise the way new locations are presented to potential buyers and visitors, putting the user in complete control of their viewing experience. It is now possible to deliver 3D virtual worlds that are truly interactive and photorealistic, allowing users to explore and interact with new developments, over the web or on disk, using breakthrough 3D interactive technology. "We can now provide the technology that enables potential buyers and visitors to explore new developments and destinations online - it's similar to being in a high-end computer game environment, except you're exploring a real life property or location, and there's no-one trying to shoot at you." iCreate is interested in talking to those involved in marketing and promoting new developments, tourist destinations and any other aspect of the built environment, including hotels, residential properties, and business, leisure or retail destinations. Companies that already use traditional CGI, and those looking for new ways to engage with potential buyers and visitors, may be interested in a demonstration of the iViewer to understand how it could work for them.


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