Saturday, 20 December 2008

The iCreate Xmas Rhyme 2008

It’s the week before Christmas, and has to be said
Things don’t look too great for the new year ahead.
The recession is nigh and the sterling is down,
And Woolies job cuts are the talk of the town.

The whole of the nation is feeling the squeeze
Something the Vat cut’s done nothing to ease.
The news every night is a lesson in doom,
And it’s hard to avoid this feeling of gloom.

But we want to wish you all joy and good health,
As happiness is more important than wealth.
In the company of friends and the ones we hold dear
Let’s drink to the future with hope and good cheer.

It’s a season for joy, and (we’re not being funny),
We all know there is more to life than just money.
Be merry and festive and have a good time,
That is the message of our Christmas rhyme.


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