Saturday, 12 December 2009

From Virtual to Reality


We all know that 3D visualisation is a powerful way to show what new buildings will look like before they're built, but how reliable are the images we produce? Both planning officers and potential buyers often have to rely on 'artists impressions' when making important decisions, so, do our 3D computer generated images (CGIs) offer a true impression of the finished scheme?

To find out, we've selected some recent projects which have now been built, and compared the 3D images we produced with photos of the completed buildings, so you can see for yourself. Before reading on, see if you can tell which is virtual, and which is reality...

The images on the left are our 3D visualisations, produced before the buildings were built, whereas the images on the right are the real thing - photos of the completed properties. We hope you'll agree that the differences are minimal!

At iCreate, we are now leading the way in the creation of virtual images and photomontages that are 100% reliable. 'Visually verified montages', or VVMs, are increasingly requested by UK planning departments who need images they can depend on when making important planning decisions.

Our VVMs, which merge 3D virtual models with actual photos from specified viewpoints, are produced according to rigourous guidelines published by the Landscape Institute and Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, and all viewpoints are accompanied by a report detailing how the montage was arrived at.

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