Monday, 30 November 2009

iCreate Wins Award for Innovation


With clients around the world already buying into iCreate's new iViewer technology for interactive 3D walkthroughs, managing director Dawn Lyle has now been crowned the winner of the innovation category at a glitzy award ceremony in Swansea last Friday.

The Swansea Bay Woman of the Year awards seek to recognise the achievements of women in the region and to promote winners who will be an inspiration to others. Dawn was thrilled to receive the award on behalf of the whole team at iCreate, whose creativity and expertise has helped to keep the company ahead of the game throughout the economic downturn.

The iViewer solution is attracting clients from across the globe, and from some of the world's most exciting development projects. Clients are excited by this cutting edge marketing solution which enables them to present their new property developments in a whole new way, through the use of computer games technology.

“We believe passionately in the importance of Research & Development at iCreate, and it is this commitment to innovation that has given the company the edge over recent months,” Dawn explains. “While many firms might have slashed their investment in technology during the recession, for us, it's the life-blood of our business, and our clients recognise this as one of our key strengths.”

Strong links with Swansea Metropolitan University and support from the Technium network of technology incubators have also played a role in iCreate's evolution into one of the world's leading architectural visualisation providers. The order book is already filling up for 2010 and the team looks forward to an exciting year as the iViewer is rolled out.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Height is Right


The latest new technology to be launched by iCreate is helping architects and their clients understand the lay of the land, without the need for expensive topographical surveys. A new service offers accurate and reliable terrain modeling to help show new developments in the context of their proposed location - a flexible solution that provides architects with access not just to accurate height data but also 3D modeling expertise to make best use of that data.

Liam Tandy, head of Research & Development at iCreate, explains the solution: “Height data is readily available, but getting it into a usable format is the challenge. It's also a matter of fixing the glitches, as well as merging terrain data, surface data and aerial photography into a meaningful model."

iCreate can now provide accurate terrain models in a variety of 3D formats, which architects can use in their own 3D software to inform the design process. Alternatively, we can use the terrain models in our software, to provide static visualisations or interactive 3D models for submission to the Planners and other key decision makers.